Sushi with “The Dude”

In a little corner mall where National Blvd. meets Westwood Blvd. You will find Niko Niko. It has been there for quite a long time and ‘The Dude’ has consumed lots of sushi here. These guys are cool, super friendly, and full of laughs, You can choose to sit with “Joe #1” or “Joe #2”. The family friendly vibe and casual ambiance say ‘come on in and hang out for a while’. The reasonable prices and high quality product make for an easy evening and many,many return visits. Special requests ? “No problem”. Joe#2 Loves to experiment with your tastes and please your palate…Really not much more to say, because it just makes ‘The Dude’ more hungry. I’ll let the images speak for themselves..Go.  ‘The Dude’ abides..!!

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