FYF Fest: A Preview from the Bottom Up – Part 2

Here’s part two of our review of the small print on the FYF flyer, most of which is brand new to us. Here are Elise’s immediate responses to the Youtube clips posted on FYF’s artists page. Click here to see Bob Lee’s reports in Part One.

Atlas Sound – Very melodic Cowsills-meets-Flaming Lips. Some spacy effects make them current. I have one question for this band: Who is licking their toes in the press photo? A

Chairlift – Striking vocals are reminiscent of Annabelle Lwin or one of the B-52s backup singers. New wave is back with a vengeance. B

Aesop Rock – Jamaican-sounding rap. For cranking in your convertable while you nod along to it. Or maybe you could clean your house to this. A whole set could be a little headache-inducing. C

Gold Panda – Ethereal vocals over what sounds like world music played on children’s toys. Hypnotic and probably great if you’re on Ecstacy. I’m not. C

Baroness – Actual instruments, with a relentless drum and mathematic grooves. I would have probably hung with these guys at one time. A

Purity Ring – I like some dub, but this sounds like someone took a bunch of cassettes and randomly spliced bits of them together. It’s the musical version of the midget talking backwards on Twin Peaks. C

Tycho – Ambient and melodic. Music to get a massage to. Will someone be noodle dancing to this at the fest? My sources say yes. C

Pains Of Being Pure At Heart –  For such an emo band name, they are bouncy and full of pop. Bubblegum music from the 70s and a little touch of The Cure. B

Future Islands – Somehow the heavy Jersey vocals don’t seem to match the light bells and sparkles of the quirky music. C

King Khan And the Shrines – A 60s garage punk sound with a lotta soul. A

Elise Thompson

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