Live Review: Missing Persons, Eli James Experience, Bixby Dicks, State of Grace at Brixton

All photos by Alan J. Clift for the Los Angeles Beat.

Friday night August 8th saw South Bay music venue the Brixton host four bands starting with indie rock band State of Grace. The vocals & instrumentals were tight and their performance was great. Afterwards the guys were cool and hung out to support the other acts.

Next up was Bixby Dicks. When they took the stage I was a little unsure what type of music they’d be performing…Like the saying goes, never judge a book by its eclectic cover. This is a local South Bay band, they played a bunch of late 80’s style stuff that took you right  back to all the great music that we grew up with. Again all the guys were really cool, and hung out after their set as well.

Up next up was the Eli James Experience and what an experience it was…1 guy, 1 large drum set and 1 computer. He cranked up the music and proceded to give a Tommy “Motley Crue” Lee style performance. Anybody who’s ever sat on the edge of their bed or sofa, cranked up the tunes and played the air drums till their body ached can totally relate to his sky high energy & skill level. If you ever get a chance to see him…take advantage of it. You will not be disappointed.

And finally the headliner…..the iconic 80’s new wave band Missing Persons with Dale Bozzio and her trademark sound. They played their hit songs like “Words”, “Walking In LA”, and my favorite, “Destination Unknown.”

Brixton was recently taken over by Shelter Bar, and was busier than I’ve seen it in two years. Thanks to new operations manager, Lew Abramson. Everything went off without a hitch. The bar staff was fast, polite, efficient and actually poured a good drink. The bar staff was one of the best Ive seen in a minute. The sound guys did a fantastic job, the music was loud, crisp and clear. Kudos to the sound engineers.

Thank you to Lew and the staff for allowing me access to shoot, and for bringing Brixton to the forefront of the South Bay music scene. I’m looking forward to shooting the many amazing acts I’m sure he’ll bring in.

Click on any photo below for full-size scrollable gallery. All photos by Alan J. Clift for the Los Angeles Beat.

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