Upcoming: Echo Park Rising

Last year when Sunset Junction was cancelled, local businesses said, “Fuck it! Let’s have our own festival!” It was such a success, they are putting on Echo Park Rising again. Presented by radio station 98.7 , twenty venues will be hosting bands this year. Find the complete listing here.

The Echo Park Chamber of Commerce will be screening King Kong vs. Godzilla Saturday night on the Citibank parking roof deck. The Echo Park Film Center will be putting on a drop-in loops class. Food will be available from trucks like Grill em All and Coolhaus as well as local eateries like Bright Spot and Mohawk Bend.

Our band recommendations (with help from John Ramirez):

Lavender Diamond is a quirky folk band with pretty vocals

Form Academy are more in the autotune dance-ish vein,

The Cosmonauts are pop-punk and Velvet Undergroundy

Spirit Vine has girls in it; they are like Mazzy Star

RT and the 44s for old-timey jug band

Holloys are like a world music Jane’s Addiction, very percussive

Restavrant is a 2-piece psycho-blues thing, like Hazel Atkins. The drumset is partly trashcans.

Elise Thompson

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  1. Presented by 98.7? That’s odd. None of these bands are played on that station, are they?

    I like the Spirit Vine description!

  2. Brad says:

    young blood hawke is headlining. They are all over the radio. They just were not listed in the above recommendations

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