What Will They Fry at the County Fair this Year?

Drumroll please…this year’s new treat is DEEP FRIED COOKIE DOUGH! Courtesy of Chicken Charlie’s, of course. They will also be serving deep-fried cereal and classics like Oreos, avocado and frog legs. The avocados are pretty good, actually.

Other treats await at Fresh Fries, a two-time winner of the O.C. Fair’s Outstanding Fair Food award. 10-pound Buns is providing seven delicious mixtures of cheese, onions, garlic and more slathered onto a large, freshly baked slice of sourdough. The Big Beef Rib, The ultimate “food on a stick,” will consist of juicy slices of beef spanning a 17-inch long bone. 

But if you want to ask us where we will be eating at the fair, it will be at Harold & Belle’s to Geaux, the best food truck in town. Go for the delicious red beans and rice and catfish fingers. Another favorote is Pink’s Hot Dogs, well worth any line.

Elise Thompson

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Born and raised in the great city of Los Angeles, this food, culture and music-loving punk rock angeleno wants to turn you on to all that is funky, delicious and weird in the city. While Elise holds down the fort, her adventurous alter ego Kiki Maraschino is known to roam the country in search of catfish.
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