Zero to Nibiru in 20 Minutes:an Interview with Marshall Masters

 Former CNN Science Features news producer, freelance writer, television analyst, and the publisher of YOWUSA.COMMarshall Masters. Photo courtesy of Marshall Masters.

“Destiny finds those who listen, and fate finds the rest.  So learn what you can learn, do what you can do, and never give up hope!”-Marshall Masters

In keeping with the current media hoopla over the (alleged) upcoming arrival (speculated as sometime between August -December 2012) of the ‘planet’ known by various names (‘Planet X’, ‘Nibiru’, etc.) I am opting this week to bring out another “blast from the past”:my 2003 interview with Marshall Masters

Marshall Masters is a former CNN Science Features news producer, freelance writer, television analyst, and the publisher of YOWUSA.COM. He spent three years researching the material for his first book, called “Godschild Covenant: The Return Of Nibiru.”

He has written extensively on Nibiru flyby-related topics to include: catastrophic earth changes, crop circles, impact events and future technologies.

He sat for an interview with me on Wednesday, May 14 2003. Here it is:

How did you first come to hear of this mysterious planet that the ancient Sumerian texts call “Nibiru”?

I first began discussing Nibiru with YOWUSA co-founder Steve Russell in late 1999. It wasn’t until I appeared on a few TV programs for PAX back in 2000 that I began to study Nibiru seriously.

Can you give our readers here a brief  history of this planet, as I’m sure many have never heard of it.

The search for Nibiru began in the 19th century, as I explain in my streaming audio “Zero To Nibiru In 20 Minutes”.
It’s available in streaming REAL AUDIO and WINDOWS MEDIA. If you are new to this issue, it will quickly bring you up to speed on Nibiru.

Please tell our readers your motivation/reasons for deciding to write this book, and why you chose to write it as a novel (fiction) rather than a science (non-fiction) book.

I’m hoping that my book will help people to open their minds to this near-future possibilities inherent in the next flyby of Nibiru through the more palatable format of fiction.

This is especially important because the vast amount of disinformation that’s being pumped onto the internet by the Zeta web site and panic-for-profit writer Mark Hazlewood has done a great disservice to this vital debate via innoculating public interest through a much-hyped non-event.

The tragedy of this is knowing when Nibiru will arrive and what it will do to the earth are moot issues. This is because there is nothing we can do to change this destiny, and yet we continue to squander our focus on moot issues.

However, what we can control is how we face it, and herein is the real tragedy of this disinformation, because people are distracted by non-event moot issues which keep them from focusing on what they can control. I hope my novel will help people overcome this
disinformation plague.

Discuss some of the humors you have read/heard regarding the eminent return of this planet within our solar system.

I’ve seen Nibiru being called a huge alien mother ship. From there, let your mind roam free.

Are there any particular researchers/scientists who have written books or have websites regarding this subject that you recommend to our readers here?

Everyone comes to Nibiru along a different path. What is most critical is that the search is founded in honesty. I recommend the following sites as being honest:

1. YOWUSA.COM (my own site)
3. Official web Site For Zecharia Sitchin

 Thanks, Marshall!

No, thank you!

NIBIRU UPDATE FROM MARSHALL MASTERS: 25 JULY 2012: “My analysis of the Avebury Crop Circle 2008 shows that Planet X-Nibiru comes up from the South from behind and to the left of the Sun.  It then arcs over the Northern hemisphere of the Sun to its point of perihelion, which is on our side of the Sun at it’s 2 o’clock position.  So all the videos we’re seeing of an object off to the lower left hand side of the Sun at this time are consistent with the Avebury Crop Circle 2008.  After August 2012, we’ll likely lose sight of Planet X-Nibiru for a few months until December 2012 as it travels behind the Sun.

This is some pretty bad news.”

Marshall Masters – “Planet X-Nibiru comes up from the South from behind and to the left of the Sun”

VIDEO: RECENT NIBIRU SIGHTINGS to the left of our Sun – BBC broadcasts Nibiru in a documentary 18 June 2012 must see 
The BBC (UK) has inadvertently recorded Nibiru in a documentary.

For another opinion on what is actually being seen at the 2011 photos of Neumayer Station in Antarctica check out this:

Could We See Two Suns by December 2012?

A former CNN science feature producer followed the money, and found an ongoing global mobilization in response to this looming possibility.

Could We See Two Suns in Five Years?According to NASA, over 80% of all solar systems have multiple suns, so is it possible that we live in a binary solar system with two suns as well?  Recent discoveries point to the existence of an old brown dwarf, an unborn twin of Sol.

When you follow the money, you see that our governments are taking this threat seriously.

Shirley Pena

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2 Responses to Zero to Nibiru in 20 Minutes:an Interview with Marshall Masters

  1. jas says:

    You guys can’t really be serious with this….This guy has no scientific or mathematic evidence to even lay a thesis to his claims. An object of this size that is all of sudden going to apear as close as the sun to us is out there somewhere with no scientific proof off it whats so ever….. The gravitational pull something like this would have as well as the distortion of rotation to obejects as well as planets around would clearly be seen by now. Plus how is a planet going to just magically appear in proximity next to the sun without actually appearing in the sky and getting easier and easier to see with satelites as it “gets closer to earth”… This guy has no credentials and his whole theory is based on a english crop circle, he provides no evidence what’s so ever except biased assumptions to back up his claims. If you even call this journalism then I hope you have a second career to fall back on.

    • Shirley Pena Shirley Pena says:

      Hi Jas,
      Nice to see folks taking the time to go way back to read older articles!
      This subject has become a pretty “hot” top” as of late, especially as the date of the alleged event draws close, and we at The LA Beat withhold our personal views on this subject. This is the reason I made it a point in the article to use the word “alleged” upcoming arrival for this event rather than state it as a straight fact.

      For the last several months, I have tried to obtain an interview on this subject with anyone else who can demonstrate scientific credentials in this area. We are not a major circulation online publication, so sadly as of this writing no one has agreed to be interviewed on this subject FOR THE RECORD other than Mr. Masters. I almost secured an interview on this subject with a gentleman from NASA earlier this year, but at the last minute he declined.

      If YOU hold such credentials I would certainly be happy to arrange an interview with you for The LA Beat! You ideas/opinions on this subject would be welcomed as an expert in this, just like they are as a reader!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! 🙂

      Shirley Pena

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