Biblical Proof Of UFOs Gets The Old Band Back Together (For One Night)

Photo courtesy of Biblical Proof of UFOs.

Ttransplanted Clevelanders Biblical Proof Of UFOs have existed in multiple forms since their formation in the mid-to-late 1990s, with the essential rhythms of drummer Michael Peffer and bassist Ray Piller always at the heart of things, While each era produced some great music and1 bears its own distinctive stamp, I have a serious soft spot for the 1999-2003 era when singer/ guitarist Joey Shipman stood at the fore.

I saw them on a pretty regular basis during those years, and at each show, they’d have a new song or two to premiere. While it was sometimes saddening to miss hearing old favorite songs – they got bored with “You Would If You Loved Me” almost as soon as they’d recorded it, so my band Backbiter started doing it – the new material they were constantly coming up with was so exciting, it was easy to go with the flow and soak up whatever they were into at the moment.

When the combined efforts of those years were distilled into the Interstellar Messages CD in 2004, LA was given its last truly amazing rock album. Shipman brought a melodic simplicity and directness that perfectly matched Peffer & Piller’s flair for psychedelic texture. Some of their finest work was built around hypnotic repetition, riffs repeating like mantras, the volume and sweat levels constantly swelling and receding. At their best, the effect was like Slint with a a Beach Boys fixation – few heavy bands have made such excellent use of three part vocal harmony.

Shipman returned to Cleveland in 2006, where he resumed work with the DuValby Brothers among other local groups, and the founding BPUFO duo have gone to create a  new repertoire with guitarist Ian Smith in the years since. But the band announced last week that Shipman will return to LA for one more show, to be held at the Redwood Bar & Grill (316 W 2nd St, DTLA) on Friday October 12. The evening will be something of a family affair with appearances from  Shipman and wife Jen’s new band, along with King Cheetah, longtime mates and one-time rivals from the UK who now feature Piller on bass. The band promises a night heavy with Interstellar material and a few from its followup, 8-Track Demo(n)s.

They were overlooked in their time, and still are. Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of THEE great LA bands reunited for a one-off appearance. We are so there, and look forward to seeing you in the line around the corner this landmark event is sure to generate.

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