The Taste – Dinner And Drinks

Deep red excellence from Boa Steakhouse, a highlight of The Taste’s Sunday night Dinner And Drinks event. All photos by Bob Lee for the Los Angeles Beat.

On Sunday night, as the punishing afternoon temperatures receded to a gentle breeze, The Taste continued its weekend-long parade of LA’s finest chefs. This event, hosted by the Times’ Betty Hallock, along with Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune (hosts of the webseries Summer Beer Cocktails), focused on evening fare. Crowded and lively, it turned out to be a real gut-buster, big on microbrews, red wine and rib meat with rich sauces, with some truly sublime contributions from faces both new and familiar.

Here are a few of the finest things I had the chance to sample. Favorite beverage of the night might have to go to Haven Gastropub’s rye ale, though I also especially enjoyed the Cabernet from longtime personal fave Rodney Strong out of Sonoma, with Josh coming in right behind it. And while I didn’t get one usable photo, Guelaguetza’s chicken black mole tamales were outstanding, as was their cocktail of horchata with cantaloupe chunks and chopped almonds. And the long line for Fat Dog was worth braving – a short rib french dip powerful enough to knock a man to his knees.

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