LA Mag’s 7th Annual Food and Wine Event!

If you missed out on LA Mags 7th annual food event this past Sunday then I’m sorry to say you REALLY missed out. It was a perfect day with fall in the air as you tasted till you couldn’t taste no more! There were definitely our old favorites that delivered undoubtedly but there we some new comers that definitely wowed us. There were too many restaurants to mention here in one post but lets talk about my personal favorites!

Plan Check Kitchen and Bar served their Smokey Fried Chicken!  Jidori chicken, smoked milk gravy, yam preserves with spicy pickled okra better be served in heaven. This dish was probably the best thing I had all day. That’s saying a lot given the fact that there are a list full of close seconds. The chicken was so moist with a perfect crunchy outside and the gravy could be eaten by the spoon full. I was so bummed that I didn’t go for seconds. I thought about this so much so that I went to Popeye’s the next day to get my fried chicken fix. Sad. I know. Not even close. I’m making a trip to Plan Check Kitchen very soon and so should you!

The Strand House Had a huge line and rightfully so. When you’re serving roasted rack of Australian lamb with charmoulah sauce you’re guaranteed a crowed of foodies. The lamb fell off the bone, it was that tender and the sweet raisins went beautifully with the smokiness of the lamb.

Anything in a fun little cup looks beautiful, but what does it taste like? Well Gladstones didn’t disappoint. Their Crab-Stuffed Avocado was so refreshing! These little cups were Layered parfait style with avocado, Saffron rice, Blue crab and yellow tomato vinaigrette.

Short Cake was serving a delicious chicken and sprouts salad but it was their yummy little sweet bites that drew me to their table. Their Brunettes and Brownies were to die for. By the time I realized there were not as many deserts this year as last year to go back for one more bite, they were out. Of course.

West Side Tavern is an old favorite of mine and they stick to what people like. Good old grilled cheese with sliced pot roast inside. I don’t care if you’re five years old or fifty, this little bit of heaven was loved by all.

Stella Rose is always delivering something fresh and it’s always a welcomed treat after so many meat dishes. Serving right next to West Tavern was a perfect spot because along with my grilled cheese their heirloom tomato salad was perfect. They also had something sweet to go along with such a healthy salad,  butterscotch moose with salted caramel.

Black Market Liquor Bar had a lot going on at their station. From alcohol to spicy fried peppers to a little bit of magic on a toasted sliced bagget. The fried peppers were my favorite.

Like I mentioned there were too many restaurants to mention but if there is one event you pick to go to each year, this is the one worth throwing your money at. If you missed out then let this be your reminder to come next year!



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