Watch the Stars Rise with First Night 2013 in Hollywood

As has been the tradition for many years, New Years Day will be ushered in arcoss the US with the dropping of various fruits and other items.  A shiny ball in New York; a peach in Atlanta; and an acorn in Raleigh, NC.

Hollywood will join the ranks this year with a “rising star” during First Night 2013.

The event will be hosted by Jamie Kennedy and sponsored by Carl’s Jr, the burger chain with the smiley faced star as a mascot.  Follow this link for the press release.  And this link for the Facebook event.

The event will be the first televised NYE event produced live for West Coast audiences.  Quoting a comment from a Sacremento television station’s website, “Why watch the ball drop 3 hours LATE when you can tune in to CW’s “First Night 2013″ and watch the star rise LIVE?”

If you’d rather skip the crowds at Gruman’s Chinese Theater where First Night Hollywood is taking place, check your local listings for channels carrying the event or follow the happenings on twitter (@FirstNightNYE).  The show starts at 11 PM.

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