Dumpster Diver, XVALA’s Celebrity Chimps!

The Tonight Show with Celebrity Chimp last night at Lab Art Gallery in Los Angeles. I shred all of my financial documents to make sure trash divers are just plain out of luck when it comes to financial mayhem. But I guess nothing is sacred these days. XVALA makes a habit of picking the trash of celebrities for art material! The “Celebrity Chimp” originals, available at Lab Art, are “imbued with reflecting powder created from broken down glass that was collected and mixed from” the residential trash of Robert Downey Jr., Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Swift! No one should be surprised that the Internet has become a fertile source of personal information about, not only celebrities, but of all of us. As XVALA likes to say “Fear Google” and the prevalence of data on the Internet.


Lab Art Gallery 217 S. La Brea Avenue Ave. Los Angeles CA 90036




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