I’d Eat That: Smashburger’s LA Burger and More in Culver City

Los Angeles seems like such a tough place to break into the burger scene much less be successful at it.

There are hundreds of burger chain outlets and just as many mom-and-pop joints littered across the metro area. And then don’t forget the celebrity chefs that come along and put a fancy pants burger on their menu to have gourmands swooning from Santa Monica to West Covnina.

Smashburger is the latest addition to the LA Burger scene and with all the other options out there, yes, I’d eat that.

Smashburger's LA Burger, pictured here with onion strings.

Smashburger’s LA Burger, pictured here with onion strings.

The main reason I’d go back to Smashburger is for the LA Burger. It’s a salute to the cuisines and flavors that make up the pallete of the LA dining scene. Although the focus is on the Asian – it features ginger dressing and a big-ass won ton on it – there’s plenty of steakhouse flavor there to keep the meat and potatoes crowd happy. The early-AM hangover folks will also enjoy the fried egg on it.

But don’t think you can use this as part of your post-club, pre-bedtime hangover cure. They close at 10 PM nightly.

Plan ahead by going early and stashing your LA Burger in the fridge. The patty will hold up to reheating because the smash cooking method locks in all the juicy goodness. The bun is less likely to get soggy (I admit, I haven’t tried a reheated one) because the bun is seared shut with toasted butter on the top and bottom.

Fresh Mex Burger

The Fresh Mex burger is a good option for folks that like their cuisine with influence from Baja style fish tacos.

If you’re not partial to LA, try out the Fresh Mex burger which is the San Diego shout-out. Its like the burger version of a fish taco with cilantro, creamy sauce, avacado, and a lime.

Along with the flavor, the price will bring me back.  Burgers are priced around $6 for a well made, absolutely delicious, gourmet burger.  Double pattied burgers are just a buck more.

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