Taco Tuesday: Guisados on Sunset

IMG_1859 (Small)Don’t expect to find carnitas and lengua at this offshoot of Ricardo Diaz’s original Guisados in Boyle Heights. Guisados serves up traditional stews and braises in thick homemade corn tortillas. You have to wonder why no one ever thought of putting chile verde in a taco before.

The chicken tinga has a bit of fire, but if you want to go hot, the cochinita pibil is for you. Or get a side of the incindiary habanero-mango sauce and brace yourself. It was so hot, I went into a coughing fit and all I could squeak out was, “I’m choking on chile.”

For undecided diners, this gringo-friendly joint has a sampler platter with six mini tacos. You can choose your own or they will choose for you. This is really cool for vegetarians. I would recommend the calabacitas to vegetarian and carnivore alike, the taco explodes with veggie goodness.

As for the other choices, where do I even begin? Each taco has such a distinct flavor profile. The bifsteak is particularly beefy, the chorizo flavorful, and the mole complex without being overly sweet. But each taco is so amazing I suggest just surrendering to the sampler and letting the juice run down your chin as you let go of any thoughts beyond, “I am in taco heaven.” Run, don’t walk. Or powerwalk. Actually, you can just drive; there is plenty of street parking.

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