Warhol Polaroids at CSLA’s Luckman through March 23, 2013

Polaroids 1974-1987 "Faces and Names"

Polaroids 1974-1987 “Faces and Names”

The Luckman Gallery at California State University, Los Angeles (CSLA) presents a collection of original Polaroids by the iconic Andy Warhol. The instant gratification that we currently get by means of our digital cameras or phones was a high that Andy Warhol got through the use of Polaroids. These Polaroids were a gift to the university by the Andy Warhol Foundation as part of the Photographic Legacy Program. The purpose for which was “… to spark interest, discussion and future scholarship about the essential role photography played in Warhol’s artistic production and to draw attention to the lifelong commitment he had to the medium.”

Many of the subject are unknown to most of us (be sure to pick up a program upon your arrival which lists -albeit with a typo for one group of the photos – the various subjects).  Yet, this is an opportunity to see first hand and close up the original photographs.  The exhibit includes some 8 x 10 prints manipulated by Warhol, filmed screen shots and archival footage of “Faces and Names” by Lou Reed And John Cale.

Harriet & Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex
California State University, Los Angeles, California
5151 State University Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90032
Phone:(323) 343-6600


Some lyrics from “Faces and Names” by Lou Reed and John Cale

If we all looked the same and we all had the same name
I wouldn’t be jealous of you or you jealous of me
Faces and names

I always fall in love with someone who looks
the way I wish that I could be
I’m always staring at someone who hurts
And the one they hurt is me

Faces and names, to me they’re all the same
If I looked like you and you looked like me
There’d be less trouble you see


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