Offbeat L.A.: Dapper Cadaver- Props From the Darkside in Burbank


Located in a warehouse near some train tracks and the Burbank airport is a fascinating prop house called Dapper Cadaver. Opened in 2006 by the very friendly husband and wife team BJ & Eileen Winslow, this particular prop shop deals solely in horror and the macabre. This shop mainly caters to rentals to movie studios, independent projects, parties or stage shows but BJ and Eileen welcome browsers and curiosity seekers. as well. While I was there I was treated very kindly and told to take as many photos as I wanted. Dapper Cadaver also has a special order prop fabrication shop in the back and it was interesting to watch the guys working to create some of these crazy props.

Walking around the warehouse there were shelves of gargoyles, boxes of skulls and decapitated limbs, a full size alligator, evil clown mannequins, electric chairs, coffins and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The Winslow’s props have been used in TV shows such as Dexter & Bones, as well as countless films, and live stage shows such as Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osborne(Dapper Cadaver: 7572 San Fernando Rd, LA, 91352. Open 10-6, M-F).



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    Well done first entry@! Welcome!

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    Neat, it’s open to the public! Cool. Thanks, Halloween is just around the corner….

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