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Everything Everything made their U.S. debut last Tuesday at The Roxy and were greeted by a very enthusiastic crowd. Singer Jonathan Higgs (above, in terrible phone pic) seemed sincerely astonished at the welcoming reception which was charming. He told the crowd at one point that he was “from a tiny village in northern England” and that he couldn’t believe he was playing on Sunset Blvd. (In a way, it gives new meaning to the “Cough Cough” lyric: “I’m coming alive/I’m happening now”!) Later on, he demanded, laughing,”How do you guys know these songs?” The audience was definitely singing along to songs from their full albums as well as the Cough Cough EP.


They opened with the moody “Undrowned” on a dark stage, and it was immediately obvious that Higgs’ vocals are just as impressive live, if not more so. His long notes ring out straight and true like an instrument and it’s mesmerizing. The band was very tight and energetic throughout the set, with both bassist/keyboard Jeremy Pritchard (above right) and touring keyboardist Peter Sené leading the crowd in hand claps. Pritchard reminded me a bit of former Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler with his height and hairstyle that flops over his forehead.

Simply put, the show was a lot of fun. Even the group’s slower songs tend to have skittish beats that get people moving. “Kemosabe” was a high point, with everyone singing along on the uplifting chorus. I officially love that song. I did catch a couple songs by the second opening band, Bombay Show Pig, who were a duo with guitar/male vocals and drums/female back-up vocals. They were definitely catchy and quirky with good vocals, so I’ll have to check out more of their music.

Pics by yours truly – I promise to ask for a new camera for Christmas

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