Photo Gallery: Flag At The Redondo Beach Moose Lodge

Flag at the Moose Lodge, photo by Elise Thompson.Here are more photos from this fantastic event, which we reviewed last week. Open up another window, crank up the sound on this Youtube video of the whole set and click on any of the pics below to view in a scrollable gallery.

In other vaguely related news, writer/musician Erick Lyle published a pretty remarkable piece in the Chicago Reader two weeks ago in which he describes hitchhiking out to Taylor, TX to audition for Greg Ginn and his crew at the SST compound. Those interested in the topic at hand will surely want to check it out.

All photos by Elise Thompson for the Los Angeles Beat.





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  1. Lori Nyx Lori Nyx says:

    Elise, these are great! whatyoutalkinboutWillis, skillfully shot from a very precarious position in the crowd. XD

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