Do With Me as You Will

600764_10201253629009196_152294843_nSheree Rose is best known for her photography and her collaboration with performance artist/poet Bob Flanagan. Together they were pioneers of the modern primitive scene. Now Sheree is back with a new collaborator, famed London Performance Artist Martin O’Brien.

As musician Dave Arnson puts it, Martin O’Brien is “only 24 years old, he’s dying, he’s gay.” Martin and Sheree were curious to see how many experiences one could cram into 24 hours. Thus was born “Do With Me as You Will,” a 24 hour interactive performance piece, emphasis on interactive.

As the title suggests, people can do anything they want with O’Brien as he lays exposed – ” from talking, to spanking, to feeding, to playing cards, to painting, to ?” The devil on our shoulder wonders, “What about waterboarding?” while the angel wants to rub him with soft fleece and feed him fresh pitted cherries. Or you can choose to have O’Brien service you with a little foot worship. Post your ideas on the FaceBook page, or just wait to see if the spirit moves you.

If your leanings are more passive, just come be a voyeur, and watch Sheree, and O’Brien in action. The performance will take place June 23 at 12:00noon until June 24 at 12:00noon at  Sanctuary LAX Studios. 10914 S. La Cienega Blvd., Lennox, California 90304. P.S. It’s a dungeon.

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