SKYLER GREY, the Fresh Prince of Street Art, September 19

AfroPixPhoto-1-35Some of you might remember a ’90s comedy sitcom called “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. In a nutshell, a goofy rapper gets in trouble in his rough west Philadelphia neighborhood and is sent to live with relatives in Bel Air, California. The sitcom starred an up and coming rapper named Will Smith who known for performing family, radio friendly, clean songs when rap was notorious for addressing misogyny, sex, violence and social issues.

So now we have the “Fresh Prince of Street Art”, Skyler Grey. His work is a whimsical street art look at the Saturday morning cartoon lineup from Fat Albert to Tom and Jerry, Barbie and Hello Kitty with a dabble of the more serious – Queen Amy and Mona Lisa. Looking at his work, you know immediately who his art inspirations are: Haring, Basquiat, Warhol, just to name a few.  Being a cat lover, I must admit my favorite was a Tom chasing Jerry! But it was all good.

I have watched Skyler for a couple of years now when we both have attended events at Lab Art, Los Angeles.  The level of maturity shown by this 12 year old artist was amazing. The place was packed (over 1000 people RSVPed), with all sorts of people (including me) grabbing at Skyler to get his attention. Throughout it all he maintained composure and cool.   Dad, you have obviously done a great job at raising this young man.

Rapper The Game (Jayceon Terrell Taylor) was on hand from the unveiling of his commissioned piece – a replica of the album cover of “Jesus Piece” (which cover art was originally designed by Vlad Sepetov.) Also on hand, as host, was actress Daphne Wayans.


Group Shot: unidentified, The Game, Skyler Grey, Daphne Waynans and Dad
(photo by Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix)



One of Sklyer’s Tom and Jerry
(photo by Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix)

Also unveiled at the show was the Skyler Grey Special Edition of the Dunamis white diamond Hercules watch by Jason of Beverly Hills. This limited edition of ten features Skyler’s Mickey Mouse. Keeping in line with Skyler’s fan base refreshment were provided by POPwater – a fruity sparkling water!

Gallery Photos by Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix

It will be interesting to watch Skyler’s style mature over the next few years.  In the meanwhile, you can still hook up a piece of him at Lab Art!

Lab Art Gallery
217 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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  1. James Freeney says:

    if you know anything about art you would buy all of the new fresh prince,skyler greay you can get your hands on.i enjoyed the show and can not wait on the next event.shake them haters off


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