Photo by Zbooth designer Jamie Rogers this Saturday, Long Beach Zombie Walk!


So, I’m just standing here in line at Target, stocking up on Halloween candy and hoping we don’t get any trick-or-treaters so I can keep it all for myself. So why is that weird woman staring at me? Why doesn’t she blink? Is she drooling a little bit, too? OK, here in LA, it could just be too much BOTOX, or maybe just that third Xanax kicking in. But the creators of

know better: the undead stagger (foot-dragging) among us.


Zbooth is the ultimate go-to for zombie culture, whether you’re fighting back against the unkillable hordes, or consider yourself akin with the lurching, freshly-unearthed Zs themselves.


Two young Huntington Beach entrepreneurs, designer/artist Jamie Rogers and her biz partner Jason Lambert, say it all started with this Z-piphany:

“One night, sitting in front of the campfire drinking a few cold beers and having general discussions about zombies, the apocalypse, and the end of the world. The meeting of the minds happened, and the Zbooth was spawned. Our mission is to welcome the zombie hunter, zombie sympathizer, and zombie aficionados and to help them prepare, adapt, and accessorize for the coming of the zombie apocalypse.”


It’s all fresh, original, ghastly, gruesome Z-merch designed by Jamie Rogers—just in time for your Halloween mayhem-making.


Zbooth will be crawling from its unquiet grave this upcoming Saturday, October 26 at the Long Beach Zombie Walk. And Zbooth will then rock Long Beach Comicon, November 23 + 24, where a scary-brilliant zombie-artist, Pashur Body Art & FX, will do some rad zombie face-and-body painting, too.


Six feet under? Not for long.


Check out, FB, Instagram @zbooth_net, pin the latest Z-trends at Pinterest@Zboothnet.



Photos of Zbooth by Jamie Rogers

Photos of Pashur’s body painting FX work by Pashur

Photo of Pashur in action by Jennifer Rice

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