LA Beat Presents This Sunday At The Redwood – Dean The Taping Machine’s Birthday Extravaganza

dean-1To close out 2013 in our series of free afternoon shows at the Redwood Bar & Grill, we are pleased to have friend of the Beat Dean Abramovich, aka Dean Dean The Taping Machine, to take over this month’s lineup for his annual birthday bash, which has blossomed into a two-day extravaganza. Festivities kick off Saturday afternoon at NELA with a righteous lineup indeed, and Sunday’s show at the Redwood continues the excitement.

How does Dean get these folks to turn out for such a raucous event? He’s known to all these bands as one of the key archivists of the Los Angeles club scene in the last thirty years. Dean is the rare taper dude who makes copies and brings them to the bands, sometimes years after they last came to town. This rare generosity has earned him a lot of credibility among local musicians, which in turn has led to to the increased access and the ability to make more tapes. I have sat and contemplated Dean’s cases upon cases of master cassettes made in the 90s, and there are bands in there that never made albums, that I would have forgotten completely if not for his habit of obsessive documentation.

As appropriate for a show spanning eight full hours, there’s something for everyone. A rare appearance from ever-evolving improvised music team Bag Theory will get the room spinning properly at 4:30pm, followed by Mike V. and his true-blue punk trio the Gypz. There will be tuneful, high energy guitar assault courtesy of The Probe and Sylvia Juncosa Band; the spare, haunting sound of the Dagons; the spaced-out paranoia of Biblical Proof of UFOs. Your humble editor will not be performing with either Jon Wahl and the Amadans or Crawlspace on this particular event, as I continue to heal a broken ankle, but I’m looking forward to experiencing them both from the other side of the stage for once.

Here’s the schedule:

Bag Theory – 4:30
The Gypz – 5:30
The Probe – 6:15
Biblical Proof of UFOs – 7:00
Crawlspace – 7:45
Motorcycle Black Madonnas – 8:30
The Dagons – 9:15
Jon Wahl & the Amadans – 10:00
Sylvia Juncosa – 10:45

Folks, I can’t lie to ya… our once-regular monthly event at the Redwood had to get turned into a “once in a while when we can get a hot lineup together” kind of event during the chaos that was late 2013. We are looking forward to 2014 hoping to do more shows, probably on an every-other-month basis starting in February. Watch this space for further details. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you have what it takes to play one. Thanks for coming out to support free music for the people.

The Los Angeles Beat Presents at the Redwood Bar and Grill, 316 W. 2nd St., Downtown LA. Sunday, December 22 from 4:00 PM to Midnight. Free admission.

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