Love Means Never Having to Say…

migraines aren't all in your head

Essential oils can make for good lovin’

…”not tonight, honey, I have a migraine. So please put down that bouquet of long-stemmed red roses, and just shoot me now.”

Essential oils for migraine may not sound as sexy as dipping yourself in chocolate sauce. But if you’re prone to headaches, being free of pain (and the other psycho-makingly weird effects of true migraine) trumps even truffles, stilettos and the laciest thong.

Migraine-sufferers will tell you that their experience isn’t just a dull throbbing. It’s more like a “bad trip” scene in a bad 60s movie. They hear visions. They see sounds. The room spins and breathes.  Their pain may be triggered by specific ways that light refracts or reflects, the tinny vibration caused by a butterfly sneeze in another zip code, or a whiff of too much cologne emanating from the guy behind the counter at Circle K.

Amazingly, aromatherapists reveal that soaking your hands in hot water spiked with Lavender and Ginger oil can break the vascular grip of a migraine. I guess doing so diverts the blood that’s  pounding molten spikes through the migraine-sufferer’s temples. And, Lavender or Eucalyptus oil in ice-water, applied as a chilled compress to the eyes, is also a favorite among organic fixes.

Of course, keep hoping for cruelty-free diamonds and cashmere for February 14 — but I’d recommend keeping a stash of organic essential oils on the bedstand, too.

Victoria Thomas

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Brooklyn-born Victoria Thomas loves writing about flora and fauna, although she chooses to do so in an urban setting. If she had it all to do over again, she might have become a forensic entomologist. She lives in Los Angeles.
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  1. If anyone doesn’t know already, oils eat holes in latex, so do not use in conjunction with condoms.

  2. Victoria Thomas Victoria Thomas says:

    Point taken–and very important for amorous occasions. This is why the goddess Aphrodite gives us Astroglide and other synthetic-friendly lubes.

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