Seattle’s My Goodness at the Troubadour: A Powerhouse of Blues Rock!

Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

I slipped in the Troubadour, a space I occasionally haunt, to see a showcase of a band in a special and historical music venue that provides an intimate environment to really experience a live performance from a band. Tonight’s draw is a band hailing for Seattle called “My Goodness”. My Goodness was sandwiched between “Beware of Darkness”, who were young, energetic, fun and Brooklyn’s Augustines, who eventually began to wear on me with their working class vibe and oh-ee-ohs courses. Sweat was in abundance from all who worked the stage on Tuesday night as they cranked out their sets. The crowd remained focused and enchanted with every act and shared the enthusiasm in an increasing amounts as the evening escalated to the headliner of the night, Augustines.

My Goodness kicked off their set with Shiver + Shake and it was a power punch that kept the hits coming. Cold Feet Killer was the first song they covered of their new Shiver + Shake EP they are supporting with this tour. It a melodic rocker with catchy phrasing that has a Chris Martin’s flavor to the vocals. The other song featured from the Shiver + Shake EP Check Your Bones. This one has influences of Sound Garden and Led Zeppelin but they own their song and delivered it with lots of power and energy. Joel Schneider – Guitar / Vocals has gutsy vocals and presence dominating the mic, while Andy Lum – Drums, beat those skins mercilessly to create a stirring environment and a big bluesy sound from this 2 piece, who has added a bass player specifically for this tour. A lot of heart and soul rolled out on the Troubadour stage as My Goodness wrapped the set with In The Sun to howls and cheers from the fans.

The show continued with Augustines but for me the evening reached its climax with My Goodness. They left a powerful impression and delivered a show stopping performance. It was a good night at the Troubadour!

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