Our 2014 Oscar Predictions – Put your “Gravity” boots on…


With a little more than a day away from the Academy Awards Ceremony and having now finally seen the last of each and every film nominated, with the exception of the 3 short documentaries Itunes couldn’t manage to release, here are my personal predictions of who will take home Oscar Gold.

Best Picture – “12 Years A Slave”.  This could be the closest race in years between 3 films including “Slave”, “Gravity” and “American Hustle”.  “American Hustle” is my runner up and it would in no way be an upset for it to win out. “Gravity” was an excellent visual film, but some of the story line was lacking giving it just the smallest of errors, enough to narrow the field to two films.

Best Director – Alfonso Cuaron. He has not lost a single award leading up to Oscar. This one should be easy.

Best Actor- Matthew McConaughey. A transformational role for one of Hollywood’s true good guys. Alright, alright alright….Who can’t wait for that acceptance speech? I hope he mentions Neptune again.

Best Actress – Cate Blanchett. I watched “Blue Jasmine”  twice just because of her. Brilliant. This one is a slam dunk.

Best Supporting Actor – Jared Leto. Not even close. Michael Fassbender was compelling in”12 Years a Slave”  and in any other year he wins, but Leto truly became the character.

Best Supporting Actress – Lupita Nyong’o. This is the single closest race this year.  Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o are neck and neck. This is the one category where I don’t agree with my prediction because I thought Lawrence showed a bit more depth and should win. But she won last year and Nyong’o won the Sag this year. Edge to Nyong’o only because Oscar voters, 40 percent of whom are now actors, give greater weight to Sag than they do to BAFTA or the Foreign Press.

Best Animated Film – “Frozen”. I don’t get the hype on this film at all, but the tea leaves suggest it can’t be beat. Personally I preferred “Despicable Me 2”.

Best Foreign Film – “The Great Beauty”.

Best Original Screenplay – “Her”. One of the best original stories in a very long time. If this film had more elements it would be in the Best Picture conversation.

Best Adapted Screenplay – “12 Years a Slave”.

Best Costume Design- “The Great Gatsby”.

Best Original Song – “Frozen”. Yup. U2 loses to Disney. It is Hollywood. Home court advantage. Another tough category to call because everyone in Hollywood loves their U2 as well.

Best Original Score – “Gravity”

Best Documentary – “The Act of Killing”. This is one of those categories where I have this sinking feeling Oscar screws it up and gives it to “20 Steps To Stardom”, one of the most overrated films of the year. “The Act of Killing” is one of the most haunting and original films of the year in any category.

Best Documentary Short -“The Lady in Number 6”.

Best Makeup and Hair – “Dallas Buyer’s Club. Sorry “Bad Grandpa”.

Best Production Design – “The Great Gatsby”. If there is anything Baz Luhrmann does better than anyone it’s sets and costumes.

Best Editing – “Captain Phillips”. This is the one category I flip flopped on the most.  “Gravity” should win, but “Captain Phillips” just took home the Ace/Eddie Award which gives it strong momentum going into Oscar.  Complete toss up.

Best Cinematography – “Gravity”.

Best Sound Editing – “Gravity”.

Best Sound Mixing – “Gravity”.

Best Visual Effects – “Gravity”.

Best Short Film Animated – “Get a Horse”.

Best Short Film Live Action – “Helium”.

So there it is. Check back Sunday night to see how we did against the mainstream press. “Gravity” should grab the largest amount of loot with “Slave” taking home the big prize unless “American Hustle” pulls a “Crash” style upset in a film chalked full of powerful and well liked American actors with lots of friends in the Academy.


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  1. Pretty damn good, Brian. I hope you placed some bets in Vegas.

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