India Sweets and Pizza?

India Sweets and Spices PizzaSome fusion food is simply not meant to be, and I am the first to admit that tikka masala pizza does not immediately beckon. But sometimes when food is cooked using the ingredients from a different culture, something wonderful happens. India Sweets and Spices on Los Feliz in the Atwater area started a pioneering pizza kitchen last month.

They do serve Italian pizza, but why go to an Indian grocery for that? We chose a tikka masala base, then built the pizza as if layering curries and chutneys. Eggplant and artichokes for substance, pineapple, yellow bell pepper, garlic, mint and cilantro. It was delicious layered on a naan-like crust. The sauce was flavorful with a slight afterburn. Other base sauces are Curry and Mango/Coconut. Toppings include your usual vegetables and a wide variety of hot peppers. The vegetarian-only pizzas can be made vegan by omitting the cheese.

Founder Kumar Jawa started the India Sweets and Spices in 1984 and there are now ten of the grocery delis throughout California and Oregon. The Los Feliz site is the flagship and the only one offering pizza. Jawa said that he is willing to help the other delis set up their pizza kitchens if they are interested. Like the rest of us, they are probably waiting with great interest to see what happens.

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