Middle-Aged Rebel: Knowledge


Brian Walsby

About Brian Walsby

Brian Walsby is a forty eight year old single father to an adorable three year old girl. He is a cartoonist/illustrator as well as a drummer. He has done too much stuff over the years to get into but he makes and sells things like books and t-shirts and likes to stay busy, and stuff like that. There are a lot of goodies to be found on his website, http://brianwalsby.net/BrianWalsby.net/Home.html
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2 Responses to Middle-Aged Rebel: Knowledge

  1. Uh oh, I can relate to this one and I’m in my 30s…!

  2. rebelgal says:

    You forgot to mention that us mid life rebels have lost all tolerance for idiocy…and yet we are surrounded by it!

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