Test Drive and Dine: The Lincoln Motor Company hooks up with Post and Beam!!

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2014 Lincoln MKZ
Photo by Paula Lauren Gibson

Back when I was in high school my dad had a Lincoln Continental. I have memories of flying in that car down the highway to Las Vegas. And fly we did, my Dad a former Air Force pilot drove fast. But bumpy roads and all, that Continental was seriously comfortable. Thus, not a bump in the road was felt by the passengers. But my Dad moved on to Mercedes-Benz and I could never afford to drive a big boat car – except for the brief time – while I was in law school – that I drove a friend’s 1955 Buick Delta 88.

The Lincoln is no longer a boat car.  The wheel bases are now much smaller.  They had the following Lincoln models for test drive: Navigator, MKX, MKZ, and MKS.

The drive: We could have let them chauffeur us or drive ourselves. Of course, I said give me the keys, but there were no keys, just a push button starter!! Adjusted the windows, fastened the seat belts and off we went. The ride was still as smooth as I remembered. The various features, very nice! Ones that stuck out were the blind spot warning light in the side windows that warned of a car in your blind spot; the rear view camera that not only showed you what was behind you, but also guided you to line up in the parking spot; and the turn by turn navigation control. Simon, our Lincoln guide, told us about the parallel parking assistant, but we did not test that out. All said, it was a great car, but the $60,000 price tag for the MKZ we drove (I understand the base price is cheaper), probably still more than I want to spend for a car, at least at this point in my life.

All Photographs by Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix

The meal: I’ve been a patron fan of Post and Beam since they opened. Lincoln stepped up the game and sponsored a special menu. What I had was the following: #1 Vegan Gumbo with Pickled Okra and Jalapeno Cornbread: delicious with just the right amount of kick. The more I eat vegan, I must admit, the more I like it. #2 Smoked Bistro Fillet with Heirloom Carrots, Mustard Greens and Rye Dumplings: Love the vegetables, but I am still a meat eater at heart. #3 Pecan crusted sweet potato pie: Melt in your mouth delicious.

It was a wonderful evening, and I must admit getting into my Honda after dinner left me yearning for the luxury of the MKZ. Checking my twitter hashtag #lincolndriven2dine, I discovered that there were other restaurants around town that were also offering the test drive and dine experience.

The Lincoln Motor Company: www.lincoln.com

Post and Beam: 3767 Santa Rosalia Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90008


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