Top Three Mother’s Day Gifts

slide-3 Moms rock. Whether you have one, or you are one, May 11, Mother’s Day, calls for mimosas and cashmere sweaters, of course. But we’ve also sussed out three unique products that really make specific sense for the mom gestalt.

1–ESSIO, the world’s first aromatherapy diffuser for the shower. Clips onto your shower pipe,  no tools needed to install. Moms need this, especially moms of babies, toddlers and young kids, because those 4 minutes in the shower each day may be her only sanctuary. ESSIO makes those 4 minutes really count, diffusing the shower steam with organic essential oils in 6 mind-bending botanical blends. Just breathe, mommy. No artificial fragrance, color, or parabens.  The aromatherapy blends are contained in very cute little pods in designer colors.  There’s an ESSIO blend for stress, a blend for re-igniting (what ?) passion, one for insomnia, and three other blends which moms and others crave– also, new Essio blends launching soon.
MOTHER’ DAY SPECIAL ON ESSIO : Now through May 4, get 20% off on any order using code SCENTOFAMOM. — order before May 4 to guarantee delivery by May 11
2–DOCTORINSOLE, the world’s first over-the-counter corrective orthotic. Corrects foot position and relieves foot pain. Way more comfortable than old school, hard-cast orthotics, and DoctorInsole retails for about $50 versus the $500 price tag on prescription orthotics. No fittings needed, and a pair lasts about one year. Relevant to pregnant women who experience changes in biomechanics and center of gravity– along with edema and foot pain—as the result of natural weight gain and changes in their posture and gait during pregnancy. This orthotic centers the heel and supports the arch, which relieves stress on the ligaments and tendons.  There are numerous styles of DoctorInsole orthotics, including styles which fit into CFMPs and athletic shoes. Also a must for chronic wearers of non-supportive Uggs and flip-flops, not that I’m ever giving mine up, either. Created locally by Dr. Robert Joseph, DPM, LA’s leading foot and ankle surgeon. Also good after the pregnancy, since the arrival of a bundle of joy generally expands a gal’s foot size, and your bigger, flatter, wiser feet may be more prone to Plantar Fasciitis.
3–LIP TAR by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, because it literally stays on your lips all day, even on those days when you barely feel human,  and contains refreshing essential oil of Peppermint.  Developed by professional makeup artists, it’s sold with a vegan (non-animal hair) lip brush.  (Author’s note: I lost my brush immediately, and now use a coffee-stirrer from McD’s!) Apply it in the morning and those lips are good through Letterman. The new OCC Collection, Plastic Passion, includes a rad opaque azure tone for summer, “Pool Boy”– for the subversive mom. The Lip Tar range also includes non-scary, super long-wearing nudes, pinks, reds, corals.
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