Beat Recommends: City Of Butterflies with Jeffertitti’s Nile, May 31

City of Butterflies pic-1Here’s an event for cool parents to get behind – a show where “kids are free and VIP”, at least for the first two hours. The junior-set VIPs arriving at 6pm will presumably include participants in the “Sock Puppet Sitcom” scheduled for 7, which sounds to us like the most diabolically cute thing ever invented.

But more rock-minded adults can participate in the grown-up fun starting around 8pm, with a hip selection of bands including the spectacularly bent Jeffertitti’s Nile, who we most recently saw supporting the Magic Band, and doing an admirable job. Their dedication to sixties sonics is absolute, the tunes are consistently strong and memorable, and the players will never be accused of “not knowing how to play their instruments”, not even when throwing down one instrument to feverishly grab another mid0sentence, as they have a tendency to do. Also appearing are the Dear Beloveds, featuring the dude from the charming He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, the hazy, beguiling grooves of LA Witch and mecca vazie andrews & the Movement Movement, promising “modern dance and way beyond.” That sounds like a bill worth keeping the kids up a little past bedtime.

City Of Butterflies featuring Jeffertitti’s Nile, LA Witch, Dearly Beloveds, mecca v. andrews & the Movement Movement, on Saturday May 31, 6pm – 2am. “Kids Free And VIP 6-8 PM”.  At HM 157, 3110 N Broadway, LA. Facebook event & more info here.

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