Japadog is Here! In LA!!!!

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Vancouver hot dog cart sensation Japadog has arrived in LA to totally change the game. The lines at the carts in Canada stretch around the block, so be prepared for total hot dog takeover. Right now LA’s lone truck puts its doors up in Koreatown, Little Tokyo and various food truck events. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to track them down and then watch for their bright orange chefs jackets. There are plans for a permanent stand on the Santa Monica Pier in the near future. Their site says they expect to cover three locations – Santa Monica/Westside, Los Angeles and Hollywood.

There are limited options right now: The Terimayo is an all-beef dog with teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, fried onions and nori (seaweed). It is their best-seller. I find the teriyaki flavor a little overpowering. I prefer the Oroshi (Daikon), which is made with a special soy sauce, grated radish and green onion on a bratwurst. I add wasabi mayonnaise to mine because I am obsessed with wasabi mayonnaise. The Love Meat Dog is made with their own meat sauce with cheese. The Hot and Spicy, as you might expect, is topped with hot sauce and the Yakisobi dog is topped with noodles and pickled ginger. The Avocado dog also has cream cheese and wasabi mayonnaise. Each dog is $5 and very filling.

When I first researched the history of the Japadog their site was in Japanese. I allowed Google toolbar to translate and came up with a convoluted, ungrammatical story about crepes. So much for computer translations. The site is now in English, and tells the story of a young couple moving to Vancouver from Japan with limited funds and working slinging dogs til their fingers went numb to make Japadog a success. The old Google translation also expressed the owner’s remorse over the long lines.

During lunch and evening, you may be side by side…you waiting, I’m sorry all the time. That I strive to provide as soon as possible…“Darn, and I hasten” in my mind is always crying.

The unusual hotdogs may seem like a fad, but prepare for this to become a thing. Although they pulled out of New York after a disappointing reception, I think they appeal to the West coast palate. Even after waiting in long lines and cramming in next to strangers to eat on the curb, Japadog fans are always happy. No one minds being side by side, because a Japadog is a thing of wonder. I wish I could tell this visionary how much we love them and maybe it will stop his mind from crying.

6/7/14 5pm find Japadog in Little Tokyo at 2nd and San Pedro


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