Burbank: Heaven for Insomniacs

Milt and Edie'sIt’s 3am and you can’t sleep? Do you work the graveyard shift and you have a thousand things to get done? Cruise on down to Burbank where you can run your errands all night long. Maybe it’s to cater to local studios, or just happenstance, but in spite of its sleepy reputation, Burbank is a 24-hour city.

Get that prescription filled! CVS on Hollywood Way and Verdugo is happy to take care of your pharmaceutical needs any hour of the day. You can even visit the photo department to get prints made. During the 20 minute wait for Rx fills, browse the aisles for sundries and seasonal goods.

Milt and Edie’s Dry Cleaners are open 24-hours. You can drop off, pick up, or even get a suit pressed just in time for that 8am meeting at Warner Brothers. They have a 2-hour turnaround time for dry cleaning and laundry. If there is a button missing off of a shirt, they replace it at no extra charge. Overnight services include an around-the-clock seamstress and you can schedule delivery for the next day. They also offer snacks but do not be tempted by the popcorn machine. I am convinced it is a plot to get buttery fingerprints on your clothes.

Vons, just a block away from Milt and Edie’s on Pass is clean and well-organized, plus it has a huge selection of specialty and imported groceries as well as some of the freshest produce in town. Too bad the in-store Starbucks isn’t open 24 hours.

Work it out! The 24-Hour Fitness on Empire is really open 24 hours. Shoot some hoops or go for a dip in their superclean, upscale facilities. Unfortunately you have to be a member; guest passes aren’t good after 10pm.

Bob’s Big Boy serves both breakfast and dinner in the wee hours, so you can choose whatever you are in the mood for. At this late hour, no one cares if you sit in the Beatles booth as long as you ask nicely. The back is usually cordoned off, but they will usually let you sit there. Because if you sit in the back you can leech a wifi signal off of Starbucks next door and write the great American novel — or check Facebook, whatever.

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