The Grunion are Running

Grunion Run by Arne HeijengaThis month the grunion are running on July 13th and July 28th. When I was little, the grunion run was total mayhem. An entire beach covered with slippery, wriggling silver fish, swarming the beach and filling up holes people had dug in the sand. Some people carried buckets to catch the grunion, but my parents did not consider them good eating. I guess they just went to trip out on the giant fish orgy.

The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro has made things a little more “Mutual of Omaha.” The aquarium will open at 8pm with an auditorium program at 9pm. Afterwards, there will be a guided observation of the grunion on the beach. If you enjoy the taste of grunion, July is open season. Grunion may only be taken by hand and anyone 16 or older must possess a valid California fishing license. You can buy one from these guys.

$5 adults, $1 seniors, students and children.
FRIENDS Members: FREE Warm clothing and a flashlight are recommended. Also a pair of sturdy sneakers, preferably waterproofed. Because…fish jism.

Photo by Arne Heijenga via Flickr

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