watt’s picture of the week – wednesday, july 9, 2014


here’s a closeup on one of the maybe one hundred (think so) gargoyle drainage spouts that are on the outside walls of what we call warehouse one in san pedro, ca (port of los angeles info on the building here). opened in 1917, I heard it would cost too much to tear down to make it worth the while but I’m glad it’s still here. hollywood shoots all kinds stuff here (has a railroad track going right in for that fake old-timey subway shot) and the marine exchange helps run traffic up on top. has all kinds of “welcome” in different languages painted on the water cuz this is a big part of what you see when you’re heading for the main channel. I wonder what creature was used for the model? you think they’re all the same or are each different? come on down to where signal street runs into admiral higbee way in pedro (google maps has no idea of admiral higbee way – bakas!) and check it out. sometime back someone told me they used this pad only for livestock but I ain’t sure – maybe the gargoyles are some kind of cow/pig/sheep composite?

photo by mike watt

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