Gary Baseman’s “Mythical Creatures Kickstarter” Campaign Ends In Less Than 24 Hours


Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

I had the joyous opportunity to be a part of Gary Baseman‘s Kick-off party for “Mythical Creatures” Kickstarters fund-raising campaign at the Kibitz Room inside Canter’s Deli. Gary has a natural ability to get people involved with his easy congenial manner and whimsical adaptation of his art into performance. From the moment I discovered Gary’s art, I’ve been attracted to his edgy adaptation of mid-century bubble art utilizing levitation and flight in Chagall-esk dream like manner, that are both innocent and sexual simultaneously, Gary’s art lives between animated sensibilities and painterly disciplines at the same time, thriving between layers of childhood fantasy and dystopian vistas. Gary’s art takes a new direction with the documentary “Mythical Creatures” to be directed by David Charles.

The Mythical Creatures Kickstarter kick-off party was a menagerie of creatives with a mix of some of Gary’s most devoted fans. It was the most “Warholian Factory” inspired experience I’ve had the pleasure to have living in LA. I think my photos will tell that story far better than I possibly could. The Mythical Creatures Kickstarter party brought together a fun and interesting group that included, Art critic Shana Nys Dambrot, actress Megan Duffy, Carina RoundSam Stewart and Django Stewart of Nightmare and the Cat, Andy DickMatt Skiba of Alkaline Trio and Moby to support Gary’s documentary about his father, Ben Baseman, and his heroic efforts during World War II in Berezne, Poland (now Ukraine), who narrowly escaped being killed by the invasion of Nazi soldiers where thousands were executed, including Gary’s grandparents. Ben Baseman to join the Nazi resistance where fought four years to survive the Nazi occupation. Where the Mythical Creatures Kickstarter party was fabulous and fun it was just as much a celebration honoring Ben Baseman who lived through some of the darkest moments of world history but survived to raise his family and live the American dream. Gary is by all means one of the most generous human being and artist I know. You can see that in offerings to everyone who participates in Mythical Creatures Kickstarter that ends Monday. You may want to be involved in this noteworthy and important event. Hit the above link to be a part of an amazing art experience and the noble effort for Gary to honor his father, his heritage, while revealing the horrors of Nazi genocidal occupation during World War II. Filming of Mythical Creatures starts on location in the Ukraine this fall. This documentary is a revelatory tribute to Ben Baseman, as well as, Gary’s own personal journey that holds meaning and insights for us all.

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