Matt’s Chocolate Stout Milkshake at Naja’s

Naja’s is a neighborhood bar located on the International Boardwalk of the Redondo harbor, near a glass-bottomed boat and a gift shop selling puka shells. Naja’s is all about the beer. They serve everything from Alaskan Amber to some funky beer with chipotle in it…on tap.

Photo of Matt by Elise Thompson. Sorry there is not a full glass, but they just don't last that long

Photo of Matt by Elise Thompson. Sorry there is not a full glass, but they just don’t last that long

As I sidled up to the bar last weekend, a customer was singing the praises of his beer. He held his glass out to me to show it to me so I could appreciate its wonder. Somewhat jaded, I asked, “Chocolate stout?” The bartender nodded at me, and then he blew my mind. It was actually a combination of different stouts. The “milkshake” as it has been dubbed, is 1/3 Stone’s Milk Coffee Stout and 2/3 High Waters Campfire Stout with a float of Modern Times Blackhouse Nitro. I asked incredulously, “You make beer cocktails?” It makes sense considering he is working with a couple dozen beers on tap.

In my experience, the only combination of beers are the Black and Tan (also called a half-and-half by the Irish), usually made with Bass and Guinness, and the Snakebite, which combines lager beer and hard apple cider. Usually beers are combined with other nonalcoholic mixers, like the shandy (lemonade), the michelada (tomato or clamato juice) and the recently faddish beer float (ice cream). A number of alcoholic drinks also utilize beer, like the Skip-and-Go-Naked (Vodka and lemonade) and the Black Velvet, a mix of stout and Champagne.

I realize Matt’s “milkshake” is not technically a cocktail since it does not contain any spirits. I’m not sure what they call this new creation. For now we will just call it delicious.

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  1. Johnny G. says:

    I can’t believe that guy is still working there … worst bartender ever. But great bar. I miss the South Bay!

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