Upcoming: Borderline Chaos at Highways August 15

Disclaimer: If you are under the age of 18 or my mother, read no further.

shereeroseandpornoterrorista (Custom)On August 15th at 8:30pm, Sheree Rose, Kale Roberts and Pornoterrorista Censurada (Diana Torres) will be presenting a “hardcore-postporn-queer performance and ritual to heal wounds caused by borders.” Highways Performance Space, known for their LGBT-friendly, sex positive and boundary-pushing events will host the performance.

The show is advertised as “not for the faint of heart” and will challenge the idea of what exactly is considered “art.” According to Pornoterrorista, the goal is “…to visibilize not only the physical borders on Earth but also the ones the system has been building for centuries to limit our desire, our body, our gender.” The invitation states, “Every border is a wound on the land and on our bodies. Making visible and healing those wounds is one of the aims of this collective s…exorcism where the audience will be invited to purge their own limitations.”

And how are these wounds to be inflicted? For starters, photographer, artist, and dominant, Sheree Rose will be publicly spanking two bottoms. Sexual activist Pornoterrorista specializes in female ejaculation by means of fisting. According to Sheree Rose, Pornoterrorista’s performance will also include “…musical spankings thanks to mics placed in her vagina! Plus other blood-letting rituals making for a very intense and breathtaking experience!”  There will be audience participation by way of a reading of Bob Flanagan’s poem “Why.” Also for the fisting. Yes. You read that right.

Remember, the first two rows are in the “splash zone.”

Not suitable for minors. Tickets $10.

Photo of Sheree Rose and Pornoterrorista by Dave Arnson. Used with permission.

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