Air Soft Zombie Hunt and Horror Maze

The first air soft zombie hunt and horror maze combo in Bellflower opened in 2012 to mixed reviews and a little naïveté about the biz, but Haunted Hollywood Sports were undaunted and decided to shamble on like any good zombie would and I’m happy to say the research and commitment paid off. The press was invited to a large soiree featuring hot and spicy bloody chicken wings, beef sliders and cupcakes with bats on them and a free bar. Yippee. We also received a bag of swag from the sponsors which included packets of Oberto Beef Jerky and Cans of Venom energy drink, which I recommend for this high energy event.

Most of the mazes were still under construction but we did get to go in the Venom Maze and one of the Zombie Kill houses. First off, let me say that these guys are now moving fast up the ladder to become a SoCal contender in the overcrowded world of October events.

First we were decontaminated and led into army vehicles to the main part of the park. This place is massive and they make good use of their 23 acres and decorate all passive areas better than they need to. The Zombie Kill Zone we went through was only a few minutes long, but the cast playing the military push you through it like pros, leaving you exhilarated when the zombies come running towards you as you try to make it to the three safety zones on each course. There are five Zombie live ammo encounters in the park plus a separate paintball range.

If you have never been through an Airsoft pellet gun  fight before, make sure that the cast team leaders train you thoroughly on how to aim and reload your gun and work the safety, as many of the folks attending are familiar with the procedure. Be aware that there is a waiver as well, because of the live soft ammo and there is a chance you might get hit from a team mate in the butt on purpose. However, your face and chest and other vitals are protected with helmets and padded vests. We tried a similar laser zombie shoot at Knott’s Scary Farm and this was more exciting.

I’d like to try and experience the remainder of the mazes that were under construction when I attended, because we were very impressed with one we saw named after their co-sponsor Venom(Energy Drink). This maze makes great use of the darkness. I recently saw a news magazine’s video of this maze, and unfortunately they didn’t use night vision cameras, but bright lights, which completely spoiled the charm of this labyrinth.

I won’t say much except that a few of the creatures were very spirited, it had a very long and claustrophobic tunnel, and a wall charged with static electricity. They were hosting a prom that night, so we couldn’t see the Zombie Nightclub. But they are planning other events there for the season, that include bands and a Vampire Ball and Costume Contest.

Haunted Hollywood Sports runs on Oct., 17, 18, 24, 25, 26, 31, and Nov. 1, 2014. Ticket prices start at $29 dollars and are available on-site and at the official website.

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