Salt & Straw to Serve Blood-Churning Ice Cream

draculas-blood-pudding-3Contrary to a popular children’s riddle, “veinilla” is not a vampire’s favorite flavor of ice cream. We think it just might be Salt & Straw’s Dracula’s Blood Pudding. The ghoulish ice cream is part of the exotic ice cream shop’s limited Spooktacular Series, which will be available for one week at the newly opened Larchmont shop from October 24th – 31st.

We were curious about the source of the blood in the Blood Pudding ice cream. “Salt & Straw does utilize a pretty traditional blood pudding recipe using pigs blood. The spice blend is unique and actually a set of spices inspired by working with Chef Chris Cosentino, who visited their kitchen last year. They cook the pudding into the ice cream and churn it.”

In addition to the sanguine Dracula’s Blood Pudding, the Spooktacular Series will feature: “The Chocolate Graveyard – A gruesomely tasty combo of dirty-delicious chocolate ice cream, cake-like chocolate soil, and a ground-smattering of chocolate freckles. Candy Corn – An out of the box re-imagination of a favorite Halloween treat. Essence of Ghost – A mysterious mixture of scotch and vanilla sherbet with wisps of black cocoa swirled in. Witch’s Brew Potion – A Terpene brew, the diabolically delicious flavor compound found in citrus fruits, coniferous trees, and other woodsy herbs.”

Photo by Leela Cyd. Used with permission.

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