Open House at the Keystone



The  Keystone Art Space,  the large and wonderful gallery/artist studios complex in Glassell Park, had their Fall 2014 Open Studios open house last night.

Situated on a long and fast moving commercial/industrial stretch of San Fernando Road, the Keystone holds 60+ artist studios that houses a diverse group of creative talents.  Open Studios night is a chance for the public to step inside of many of the artist workspaces to see the work that they do, view some of the raw materials, but mostly works in finished form that are available for purchase.

A group show opened the same night in the gallery that showcases the work of these Keystone artists: Mark Harvey, Rami Kim, Dean Styers, Melanie Mandl, Emily Sara, Kerry Buchman, Elena Dorfman, Krista Machovina, Kevin McHugh, Michelle Robinson, Luc Bernard, Ana Medina, Maxi Mueller, Mark Posey, Gared Luquet, Beverly Morrison, Biija, Sacha Baumann, Ching Ching Cheng, Joelle Cooperrider, Verity Freebern, Todd Davis, Sarah Staskauskas, William Long, Tim Hussey, Elena Dorfman, Molly Segal, Jesse Vogel, DJ Richardson, Michael Oshefski, Taline Olmessekian, Chelsea Dean and Olivier Fourtouill.

Photographers, painters, metal workers, wood workers, jewelry makers, graphic designers, filmmakers, furniture designers, collage artists, sculptors, multi-media artists and artists working with textiles are all busy doing amazing work at the Keystone; and the eastside of LA, well actually all of LA,  is better off for it.  I suggest you do not miss the next open house!

Keystone Gallery Group Show runs November 15 – 25, Keystone Art Space, 2558 North San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA  90065.

Judy Ornelas Sisneros

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I am a native Californian, born and raised in Bakersfield and eventually escaping to San Jose then San Francisco where I spent every free moment in punk and post-punk culture spaces before heading to LA permanently in 1989. I have also spent major time as an AIDS and queer street activist, which today along with my passion for punk/alternative music still informs my personal and social life. I love photography, film and playing punk/post-punk stuff on the bass. My LA Beat contributions are usually photos that give a glimpse into the vibrant art and music scene that makes Los Angeles such an amazing city to live in today.
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