Bad Lands Debuts Love Heroes: Takes a Ride on the Dark Side Of Love

Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat


Love Heroes is not Bad Lands first outing. The duo, formerly known as “He Met Her and fronted by Rocky and Mowgli, produced their first head turning recordings called Crime NovelaChevy Nights, the secret track on Love Heroes,  references the tragic love story of Mickey and Mallory of Natural Born Killers, and was featured prominently in the blockbuster White House Nights, which created a ground swell of fan adoration and media attention.

Love Heroes is composed of a 7 song EP that highlights the darker elements of love and desire with each song dedicated to seven highly noted, iconic couples of the music and film industries. The new single Shotgun refers to the story of Kit and Holly in the 1973 Terrence Malick film Badlands. Furthermore Gold Name Plates is about Puffy and J. Lo and Why Hide From The Knight focuses on the love duo Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love to mention a few.

Bad Lands’ sound references MIA and A Certain Ratio enveloped in a mixed nuance of coy pop that vibes off of current alternative Hip Hop. Bad Lands is melodic, enticing and completely wild at heart. The production of the Love Hereos EP was guided by Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge, Simon Katz of Youngblood Hawke, GRAMMY-Award winner Danja and Alex Kickdrums. You can go for a test drive by watching these conceptually driven videos, which could be considered 4:20 ready and trippy, like ToKnight We Ride or Shot Gun: Bad Lands’ new hot single. If you want to get that perfect love hangover you can pick up the complete EP on iTunes worldwide and lock into the adventure Bad Lands offer.

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