Fogo de Chao: New Brazilian Steakhouse in DTLA

Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs

I’ve been a fan of Fogo de Chao since the one in Beverly Hills opened many years ago. In days of old, south american cowboys – known as Gauchos – roamed the county side. I assume since kitchens weren’t handy, they would grill meats for their meals on skewers over open fires.  Fogo de Chao brings that barbecue experience to the masses.  When it comes to meats, there almost isn’t a limit to the choices: Picanha (Top Sirloin), Filet Mignon, Beef Ancho (Rib eye), Alcatra (another Top Sirloin), Fraldinha (Bottom Sirloin), Costela (Beef Ribs), Cordeiro (Lamb), Frango (Chicken), Costela De Porco (Pork Ribs), Lombo, (Pork Loin), and Linguica (Sausage). Seafood lovers? No fear, there are grilled shrimp and Sea Bass on the regular menu (at a separate price from the grilled meats experience).

I worked in downtown Los Angeles and jumped at the chance to attend the grand opening press preview of their newest location at Fig and 8th. Our meal started with the salad bar with a wonderful array of choices of fresh vegetables, fruits and other delectable foods to munch. While at the salad bar, be sure to peer through the glass windows into the kitchen where the various meats are being grilled. On each table is a card: One side red; the other green. Flip to green and let the meat parade begin.  The temperature choices are varied from rare to well done.  The gauchos will stop and offer whatever they happened to have on their skewers – pick up your pinch fork and grab the meat as they cut. Prepare to have it melt in your mouth. The evening is basically spent between green and red until you reach the point where you can not eat another thing.  In addition to meats, there are side dishes such as roasted potatoes, rice, polenta and grilled plantains.  If you enjoy various textures and tastes during your meal, you will be in heaven here.

Looked like there was also a full bar, and various Brazilian cocktails are offered. Since I do not drink, I had the Brazilian Limeade which is lime juice with sweet milk. The thought of limes & milk said “curdle” in my mind, but it was actually freaking delicious! The evening ended with their signature dessert – Papaya Cream. That and a cup of coffee was the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.  I’m looking forward to returning on my own dime soon.

Fogo de Chao
Downtown Los Angeles
800 S. Figueroa., Los Angeles, CA 90017
T: (213) 228.4300

$34.50 | (Salad Bar Only – $15.00)
Mon-Fri 11:30-2:00

$54.50 | (Salad Bar Only – $29.50)
Mon-Thur 5:00-10:00
Fri 5:00-10:30
Sat 4:30-10:30
Sun 4:00-9:00

Happy Hour
Mon-Fri 4:30-6:30
Children 6 and under are complimentary. Children 7 to 12 are half price.  Any beverages, desserts, tax, and gratuity are additional.  A 18% gratuity is added to all parties of 6 or more.

Valet Parking is available ($8.50 the night I was there; and there is also a cheaper lot across the street.)


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