Eat Your Art Out 8: “Next Stop, The Twilight Zone”

Manny Lemus

“To Serve Man” by Manny Lemus

Angel City Roller Derby and Eat More Art Out Productions presented Eat Your Art Out #8 at Titmouse Animation Studios last Saturday, entitled “Next Stop, The Twilight Zone”. The fundraising event featured an imaginative collection of Twilight Zone-inspired art, referencing most of our favorite episodes, like The Eye of the Beholder (pig faces), Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (plane gremlin), To Serve Man (“It’s a cookbook!!”), Living Doll (Talky Tina), Time Enough at Last (broken glasses) and my personal favorite Little Girl Lost (portal behind the bed).

One omission that did surprise me – unless I missed it – was The Dummy, an episode that scarred me as a child with its evil ventriloquist dummy Willie!

The event also featured food trucks, a DJ, a silent auction, and some live painting. The proceeds went to support the skater-owned and operated Angel City Derby, members of which were on hand in their stylish tights and leotards throughout the event.

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