MEMENTO MORI: A Last Dance with Death at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

"Memento Mori" -- Paul Koudounaris

Death reigns in “Memento Mori”,opening and reception April 3, 8-11 PM, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Hollywood

“Memento Mori: The Dead Among Us” is the new book from Paul Koudounaris, the world’s leading photographer of the visual culture of death. The exhibition of the same name will open with a book signing on Friday, April 3, at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, on view through April 26.

Koudounaris, who took his doctorate in the art history department of UCLA, has traveled the world for more than a decade documenting the use of human bones in sacred contexts. The author warns that “Memento Mori” will complete his trilogy of works on human remains (his two prior books on the subject are “The Empire of Death” and “Heavenly Bodies”, all Thames & Hudson).

Dubbed “Indiana Bones” by the UK press, bone-vivant Koudounaris does more than meticulously document a global cultural anthropology of death which is rapidly disappearing as pre-industrial traditions, so to speak, die out. His graceful writing also places universal human loss into compelling and relevant context, challenging contemporary society’s sanitized, euphemized and emotionally anemic attitudes toward the inevitable.

Dr. Paul Koudounaris – “Memento Mori” – Exhibition and book launch                                 La Luz de Jesus Gallery – 4633 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles (323) 666-7667   Opening reception- Friday, April 3, 8 – 11 PM

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