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The Fugeddabouit sandwich and side saddle salad. (KP Rennie)

I will often get a text from a friend of mine that says something like, “There is a breakfast sandwich we want to eat in Venice, and then check out a hippy artsy shop, and on our way home we want to stop to pick up vegan garlic whip spread. Want to come?” Hell yeah, I wanna come! The day’s events are planned around food. They let me come along and they don’t get weird if I eat nonorganic meat coated in corn syrup.

Today we went to a place in Venice called Locali – “conscious convenience, healthy deli and market.” Locali offers organic probiotic and beauty smoothies, organic salads, quinoa bowls, and vegan food, as well as options containing meat. They have a cooler full of drinks that are organic, only use cane sugar, or some other hard-to-find beverage. They also have kombucha in cute bottles with photos of dogs on the label. In another cooler you can find vegan ice cream and other specialty frozen vegan items. If you are looking for vegan beef jerky, or natural deodorant, or sweet potato chips, this is your place.

I chose a (Non-Vegan) sandwich called “The Fugeddabouit” which had smoked chicken, Monterey jack cheese, artichoke tapenade, tomato, herbs and seasonings on sourdough. I ordered the half sandwich with a “side saddle salad”- Mixed spring greens, chickpeas, cucumber slices and sunflower seeds. I originally chose the Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, but it tasted a bit harsh to me. The server/cashier was happy to bring me their creamy dill dressing which was fresh, thick and dreamy. Sandwiches are served on a license plate with wax paper over it — my friends both had CA, but I got Texas!

My vegan friends came for “The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich” which they chose to eat “Sir Nasty style,” which is kind of like animal style for vegans. Their sandwich was beautiful and this was the first time I can ever recall the food served looking identical to the food in the photo. Seriously- Look:


The Baaadasss Sandwich is a vegan sausage patty, Vegan soy-free cheddar, vegan chipotle sauce, maple syrup on a sprouted multigrain English muffin. It was fantastic and I can see why we drove from Redondo Beach to Venice to have breakfast. My friend also got a vegan “Affogato,” which is 8 oz of vegan coconut froyo topped with a shot of expresso.

affogato At the Venice location, the service was great, there was a fantastic selection, the food was amazing, bathrooms were clean, parking was limited. (Venice location: 701 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, 90291 310.399.2254)

The Localita & the Badasserie (vegan sister biz in DTLA) This place is small but tasty — My friends ordered their breakfast sandwiches and I got a vegan quinoa bowl with hummus, cucumbers, kamala olives and tomatoes and it was fantastic! Eating outside at one of their two small tables isn’t recommended first thing in the morning when the fresh smell of urine is still in the air (DTLA is so fragrant in the morning!). I recommend you eat inside at the counter. We went upstairs to use their bathroom and were invited to a “sample sale” going on in one of the clothing designer/sewing shops. 817 South Los Angeles St. 1st floor, LA. 90014.

There is also a Hollywood location: (I have not been to this one) 5825 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068 323.466.1360.

  • The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich, Sir Nasty style- 7.29
  • The Fugeddabouit half sandwich and side saddle salad- 9.99
  • Affogato- 4.99
  • Smoothies 16 oz. from 8.99-10.49
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