Child of the 70’s Wrap Party Kicks off 3rd Season!

All Photos © Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

All Photos © Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

Child Of The 70’s, a web-based sitcom, just celebrated its 3rd season wrap party at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. The Child Of The 70’s cast boasts the likes of Michael Vaccaro, Ann Walker, Geri Jewel, Leo Forte, David S. Zimmerman, Sheena Metal, KittenKay Sera, Kat Kramer, Judy Tenuta, Bruce Valanche, Susan Olson and Ted Lange. This night most of the cast was able to attend, but Bruce Valanche is working with Bette Midler and wasn’t able to make the screening and the party.

The red carpet was a free-for-all as the crew and cast made their way past the flashes of cameras and the clamor of those who wanted to get close, to be a part of the action, or simply get a better look of who was making the scene. It was fun hour before the screening!

Soon it was time for those in attendance to see their work and be entertained by the night’s programing. Sheena Metal provided the warm up and then Michael Vaccaro brought everyone up to date on the series now that it has been completed. The story revolves around Michael Vaccaro‘s character, Carlo Perdente, who has been recently transported from New York to Southern California as a personal assistant to Ann Walker’s character, Kiki Lawerence and he has also recently married his cut model husband Leo Forte‘s character, Joe Rivera. The opening credits of the first plays with a Star War’s styled graphic intro sharing the low down that has transpired since the 2nd season.

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Once the credit roll has passed we a treated to deistic life by a couple that’s very much in love but are still discovering their boundaries. Carlo (Michael) by a brilliant stroke of fate ends up in a supporting roll on a soap opera program, Bridge Across Tomorrow, and the shenanigans really begin to take off. The story becomes a show within a show. There’s a lot of fun twists and turns as it plays off and spoofs traditional sitcom narratives and fun send ups of the soap opera drama. Once Carlo join the cast on set he’s introduced to a whole set of creative loons that includes Kat Kramer‘s character, Frances Rye, who plays Magenta in the soap. Frances has the double honor of playing a condescending bitch in real life and a mean crazy bitch with her character Magenta. There are some great laughs with Magenta’s character. These developing stories bend and weave around one another for some humorous perfection and some strong insight about people. Then once the story returns to the real life situations Child Of The 70‘s nicely humanizes the couple as relatable. The stories are something we all can relate to and enjoy. There’s about an hour and 5 minutes of content that is being spread over 6 webisodes, 10 minutes once a week on Wednesday, that are available to seen now on Funny Or Die. The first webisode aired to the public April 29th. The 2nd the 6th and are hot and ready to view right now. Follow the remaining 4 webisodes from here on out for the laughs and the surprises!

After the shocking cliff-hanger end everyone gathered to chat about the series and reminisce about the shoot. There was food, beverage and a special series wrap cake. Lots of photos were taken and congratulations were shared on a wonderfully charted 3rd season. If you haven’t caught the first 2 season they are there too. The 3rd webisode of Child Of The 70’s will air next Wednesday on Funny or Die and you are more than welcome to binge watch at any time the notion hits you.



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