World Premiere of “How He Fell In Love” at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival at Regal Cinemas LA


“How He Fell In Love” is a quirky alternative “Dramedy” that focuses on a brief pivotal moments in two people lives when their paths randomly meet at a wedding. Matt McGorry’s character, Travis, is the jilted ex-boyfriend of the bride and Amy Hargreaves’s character, Ellen, is a lonely wife and yoga instructor who’s older husband has been in Florida for months attending his mother’s need and her failing health. A careful romance slowly blossoms after he attends her yoga class: passion and complications ensue as their story unfolds.

It’s their intimacy and passion that holds this story together. They are both charming  and sympathetic individuals that draw you in to the onion of their story. Ellen becomes a cheating wife and Travis is a failed musician looking for something real. As their relationship grows you’re drawn in deeper and deeper. You find yourself rooting for the something real they have both found in one another. Things gradually become messy once Ellen’s husband, Mark Blum’s character, Henry, returns from his trip. Things obviously can’t go on as it has been and the tension is palpable. You keep guessing the next step with some trepidation as you try to imagine what could follow in the eventual outcome of their relationship. Amy’s character get to play a fascinating range of emotions in this story, that is completely believable and satisfying for a woman who’s looking for a meaningful life and love.

Not wanting to give the whole plot away, this romance is powerful and convincing remarkable story that goes in unexpected directions and finds new depths.”How He Fell In Love” is a story that both men and women can empathize with and find very believable. The tone is similar to the 90’s indy hit of “Chasing Amy” but considerably more adult and vibing off of the contemporary New York City. You really can connect with characters: the humanity of the story and the insightful interpersonal humor that really rings true for this challenged romance. “How He Fell In Love” is a real slice of life and truly feeds the soul with an engaging story. The last screening will be Saturday June 13th at 12pm at Regal Cinemas LA.

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