Whiskey Tasting with Gourmet Pairings Coming to PIRCH Costa Mesa

WhiskeyNoted whiskey educator, collector and connoisseur Ray Pearson will be hosting a ‘Sip and Savor’ evening of whiskey tasting at PIRCH in the SOCO Collection. The night will include gourmet appetizers paired with each whiskey sample. Ray explained his fascination with Scotch, saying “I discovered I liked Scotch whisky in college. Learning about it meant learning about Scotland – a lifelong love affair. I also discovered I had a knack for explaining to people the finer points and nuances about the drink”.

Ray has a spectacular evening planned for everyone who attends. His intent is on “Clarifying the difference between single malt Scotch and blends, as well as the difference between whisky, Bourbon, and Scotch is always fascinating for guests to learn”. With the wide variety of spirits that the guests will taste, it is indeed a way to educate one’s self on the differences, not only by type, but by region too. As Ray said, “Guests will take a sensory journey around Scotland by sampling single malts from different distilling regions of the country”.

The qualities of a good Scotch are truly fascinating to compare. It is no wonder that Scotch has been one of the most popular of spirits for many hundreds of years and in many more countries than just the Scottish highlands. As one of many types of whiskey, Scotch holds a place in the pantheon of whiskies that highlights it’s variety, smoothness and in the case of single-malts, regional variations that can vary from one valley to the next.

Some savory bites will also be available to satisfy the appetites of the guests. It will certain be an interesting evening of delicious, delectable foods and stellar whiskies. Ray summed up the experience the guests will have by saying, “The #1 take away from the tasting is that there are no rules in drinking Scotch; #2 would be to embrace the wide differences in aroma and taste among various brands and how remarkably well (and fun) they are to pair with selected foods”.

PIRCH is a unique concept, emphasizing customer experience with the best in high-end, high-tech home and outdoor appliances, custom design services and a range of quality items for kitchen, bath and the outdoors. PIRCH is all about collaboration, with the Sip and Savor being just one of the interactive events to bring creative culinary experiences to people. They are known for their innovative installations and interesting demos.

Sip and Savor will take place Wednesday, September 2 from 6:00-8:00pm. Tickets for the event are $100 and can be purchased here. PIRCH is located at 3303 Hyland Avenue in Costa Mesa. For more information please call (949) 429-0800.


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