Album Review: Night Beds’ “Ivywild”

night-beds-ivywild-e1438960681268Winston Yellen’s Night Beds started as a weird art project, if not a band, and the sophomore offering “Ivywild” is a departure from the well received folky Country Sleep. For the most part “Ivywild” chronicles the emotions of a broken relationship. But I’ve decided to take the position of reviewing it on its emotional impact and how it feels when listening to it because it is such a masterfully seductive piece of music. While the ideas revolve around a disintegrating relationship you can’t deny the power of the raw emotion and sensuality riding through each song. On very infrequent occasions music can drive home to the sexual core of the human experience and profoundly capture the feelings of the ecstatic state of exquisite coital bless. Other Artists like The Art Of Noise Into Battle, in particular the song “Moments In Love” and The xx’s first release xx were soaked in sensuality, aroused sexuality and dripping in expectant erotism similar to “Ivywild”. Winston Yellen’s of Night Beds has laid deeply into these sensibilities to fill “Ivywild” with wall to wall sound that plays with moody hot passions, torrid desires and dreamy pleasures with its delightfully subversive eroticism. “Ivywild” is crafted walls of melodic ecstasy well suited for putting couples or lovers in the mood for the most explicit expression of love that doesn’t want to pull out because its sound’s feels that good on the inside.

Winston Yellen’s vocals of Night Beds are lilting, moody and driving as they soar above the swirls of keys and dreamy strings laying over these mostly mid tempo tunes. The songs are wonderfully blended mixture of R&B and Electronica to make the most out of every moment as they wrap lovingly around your head and caresses your ears. I’m going to disregard the back story of this offering and riff on the emotions and feelings it evokes as you’re listening to this opus. This 16 song offering has many amazing moments but some of the standouts, but it’s truly an album project, as every song builds on the other with its ebb and flow, it has no dull moments, that build to it’s dramatic climax and close. The standout songs that harbors the most energy and satisfaction, after all that delayed gratification, I will express in how they feel listening to songs: Corner is like a hot make session in the dark corner of the club when you first meet, Seratonin is a hot deep wet kiss, Sway(ve) is the body against body slow dance that has left you wanting more, Eva A is the soft wet velvet glove that wont let go even when you feel you’re not in deep enough, Lay Your Hands is post coilal skin on skin, caressing and deep eye contact leaving you with the feeling of completeness. While every track from Night Beds “Ivywild” is masterfully produced orchestrations, rich walls of sound and beautifully sung oral topographies, but the above songs carry the most weight as much as finding a way under your skin with their compulsive expressions of desire and passion. 

The moods planted in these grooves bares repeat listens and saturates the senses in ways very few recording have managed. Winston Yellen’s Night Beds is a complete and satiating experience holding you tightly, as you fall deeply, in the audio version of luxury this sensual erotic playground provides that isn’t easily left behind or easily forgotten much like that last deep kiss.

Billy Bennight

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