The Feast of San Gennaro is this Weekend! Almost as Exciting as the Pope’s Visit, but with More Cheese!

Sept 23, 2006 - Feast of San Gennaro - Los Angeles, CA

Sept 23, 2006 – Feast of San Gennaro – Los Angeles, CA

The Feast of San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples, is a BFD in New York, lasting ten whole days. You may remember it from Godfather II and Godfather III, as the festival where everybody is always killing everybody. Here in Los Angeles, we are relative newcomers to the holiday, so we keep it to a long weekend with no mob activity. The Los Angeles festival was co-founded by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla, and is known officially as the “Galbani Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro.” So most non-Italians kind of think of it as the festival of cheese. That’s cool. We like cheese as much as the next city. And it benefits a number of children’s charities.

The weekend festival, which is happening right now, will have live bands, cooking demos, a petting zoo, carnival rides and all the food you could ever want to eat. There will even be a gravy (sauce) cooking competition! The procession will take place at noon on Saturday, immediately followed by a mass held on the main stage (Another schedule says the mass is at 11am Saturday, followed by the procession. Go early, You could use a little religion either way after the terrible things you will say about the lady whose gravy beats out yours).

Tickets are only $5 for single admission, $12 for a full individual pass (covers all 3 days), and $60 for a family of four pass (also covers all 3 days). The Feast of San Gennaro Los Angeles 2015 is located along Highland Avenue in Hollywood, with entry gates available at 1651 North Highland Avenue and 1651 North Orange Avenue.

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