Beat Review – Shannon and the Clams @ El Rey Theater 09/23/2015

shannon and the clams albumShannon and the Clams played their biggest headlining show to date on September 23rd.  Coinciding with the release of their fourth album Gone By the Dawn (out now on Hardly Art), their set was tight and the sound system gave Shannon and the Clams the quality their music deserves.

Cool Ghouls and stoner favourites The Memories opened up the show.

Having been a follower of the band since their early days, it is amazing to see Shannon and the Clams grow to the fan base they have today.  A band with an alternative following where everyone with good music taste is welcome, they seamlessly blend quirky guitars with girl-group harmonies.  Each record different and unique in its own way, Gone By the Dawn could be the most honest of them all, with lyrics heavy on the theme of love and loss.

Starting off their set with songs “Sleep Talk” and “It’s Too Late” guitarist Cody Blanchard announced “We’re gonna play a new song”, and began whistling the intro to “How Long”.  Then came a few oldies “You Can Come Over” and new-ish “The Rat House” as we continued to be treated to a solid set of old and new songs.

The night closed off with Shannon confessing “this is Cody’s least favourite track”, before going into song “Troublemaker” and a short two-song encore capped things off with “Cult Song” and “You Will Always Bring Me Flowers”.

Check out and Songkick for an up-to-date list of where you can catch them next.

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